Total Dissolved Solids

The Hutton Tank TDS value is Please wait before requesting data again!

The Gopher Tank TDS value is 523.4 PPM, as of 9/21/2020 9:00 AM

The Turner Tank TDS value is 546.1 PPM, as of 9/21/2020 9:00 AM

This data is being provided for the convenience of the agricultural customers of our District. USE THIS DATA AT YOUR OWN RISK. Please be advised that these values are measured using our equipment but there may be periods where the data may not be 100% accurate due to equipment calibration issues or instrumentation errors. In addition, the actual water at any given location may not match the values measured at our tanks. Any user of this information who makes irrigation decisions based on this data is advised to confirm their specific water quality values prior to taking action. The District assumes no liability for any damages that may arise from the use of this data.